Frequently Asked Questions..


How many Zip Pops are in each pack? 

There are 20 Zip Pops in each pack. 


How do I fill my Zip Pops? 

You can fill your Zip Pops using a jug or a funnel, make sure you only fill to the white fill line and freeze them upright in your freezer.


How long will they take to freeze?

Usually about 5 hours depending on ingredients. Putting them in the coldest place in your freezer will help.  


How do I open Zip Pops? 

Open the seal or cut the top off your Zip Pop and push up to serve. 


Are Zip Pops BPA Free?

 Yes Zip Pops are BPA free. 


Can I re-use my Zip Pops? 

Zip Pops are designed for single use. 


How long will my order take to arrive? 

We dispatch within 2 working days of receiving your order, and use Regular Australia Post. 


Any more questions? 
Please contact us at