Zip Pops Review

Posted on November 01, 2014 by Zip Pops

Zip Pops Review

I'm always on the lookout for healthy treats, especially ones that can be eaten on the go. I'm so glad I came across Zip Pops. These little things are so easy to use! First you make your filling of choice (we like anything from frozen yogurt to kiwi and spinach), fill the Zip Pop bags using a spoon, squeeze bottle, or baster, freeze them upright a cup or other container, then enjoy.

A lot of store bought frozen items are filled with artificial flavors, colors, and tons of sugar. The ones that aren't filled with these less than desirable ingredients can be quite pricey. Zip Pops are customizable so you can choose any filling you like. For us that means pleasing picky little ones without giving in to unhealthy alternatives. Not to mention that you can avoid unwanted ingredients that your little ones may be allergic to! The Zip Pops website is also super helpful providing recipes for children and adults alike. I can't wait to try their version of frozen cocktails, “Poptails.”

In our house, we are hard on popsicle molds. After the kids are finished enjoying their snack, the sticks are often misplaced and even chewed on. With Zip Pops, we don't need to worry about that because they are completely disposable. The kids love that they get to help, and even choose the flavor. If you use a squeeze bottle or baster to fill the Zip Pops, even a toddler could help.

In our house, Zip Pops are unanimously approved by both adults and children. They allow us to enjoy a frozen treat on the go with little mess and without loading up on unsavory ingredients. Considering all the possibilities for fillings and the fact that it makes my life just a little bit easier, Zip Pops are well worth their cost. It's time to clean out the freezer and make room, because I can't wait to see how many different flavors of Zips Pops I can make!

By Dani B, Food Blogger. 

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